CORE Seminar

Hi to all who were at the CORE seminar in Hamilton today. It has been great to hear from a number of you following the event. Thanks for your positive comments. The learning model I shared can be found in the paper, Developing a Vision for Learning in the 21st Century. Although this model was […]

Experienced Principals’ Development – EPD@UACEL

The seminar held on the 27th October had as its focus the way in which student ePortfolios connect learning, students and families / whanau. There are many models for ePortfolios. A large number of these are simply electronic records of student achievement. In my view these ePortfolios are useful in showing achievement, and also in […]

Self Managing Schools

Hi to all in Stockholm who attended the ‘Opting-Out Schools’ conference recently. It is obvious there is a strong movement there with many principals keen to work towards a more self managing model for schooling, similar to that currently operating in New Zealand.

Powerful Learning Journeys

Hi to all who attended the workshop at the Learning@ Schools Conference in Rotorua entitled Powerful Learning Journeys – Using Digital Story Telling Within an ePortfolio to Show the Learning Process.

VITTA Annual Conference and Expo

Last week I attended part of the VITTA (Victorian Information Technology Teachers’ Association) Conference held in Melbourne. I spoke in a workshop session entitled “EPortfolios, Celebrating Learning.

Principals’ Seminar, Hamilton, 11 November

Hi to all who attended the Principals’ seminar in Hamilton on the 11th November. I hope you found what I had to present helpful as you consider the role ICT has to play in the lives of your 21st century students.