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VITTA Annual Conference and Expo

Last week I attended part of the VITTA (Victorian Information Technology Teachers’ Association) Conference held in Melbourne. I spoke in a workshop session entitled “EPortfolios, Celebrating Learning.
This workshop closely followed the paper I wrote, in conjunction with Viv Hall and Sandy Britain, for the NZ Ministry of Education. I was keen to have delegates understand that an ePortfolio can do much to help track a ‘learning journey’ and not be used solely as a vehicle to show a final ‘product’ or achievement levels. So many schools tend to use Portfolios, or ePortfolios primarily for this purpose.

It is the use of an ePortfolio to show process within the learning programme where much of its value is evident. It is during the ‘process’ stage where key learning takes place.

To delegates who attended the workshop I trust you take time to read the papers in the downloads section of this site. They will enable you to understand in more detail the concepts I was seeking to get across in the limited time available. As stated, if you have any questions, I am very happy to respond. I wish you all well.

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