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CORE Seminar

Hi to all who were at the CORE seminar in Hamilton today. It has been great to hear from a number of you following the event. Thanks for your positive comments.

The learning model I shared can be found in the paper, Developing a Vision for Learning in the 21st Century. Although this model was developed some 15 years or so ago it still seems to me to be just as relevant today.

Today I was looking to focus on the key issue of purpose. What is the purpose of having an ePortfolio? If this question cannot be answered then one would have to question whether it is worth the effort required in keeping an ePortfolio at all!

As I sought to share with you, I believe the ePortfolio can do so much to support learning for students. It is engaging, it is motivating, it shows the process of learning and not simply the finished product, and has as its primary focus pedagogy rather than a focus on the technology. Technology should be secondary to pedagogy.

In the presentation I was also looking to demonstrate that the technology required does not need to be complex. The simpler the processes, the easier it is in the classroom. Digital Story Telling can be a simple, yet highly effective method to tell learning stories.

So don’t to worry about not having enough technology in the school. Little is needed for students to create their own learning journals, their own ePortfolios.

Best wishes with your future developments. I wish you all well.

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