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Principals’ Seminar, Hamilton, 11 November

Hi to all who attended the Principals’ seminar in Hamilton on the 11th November. I hope you found what I had to present helpful as you consider the role ICT has to play in the lives of your 21st century students.
I would suggest the major consideration, should you be considering introducing ePortfolios into your schools, is to be very clear as to its purpose. What is the purpose for having the students keep an ePortfolio? If you cannot answer this question then why would you bother?

I am convinced a well structured ePortfolio can provide evidence of learning in a manner not possible in any other way. It can clearly show the process of learning. It can track the learning journey from initial brainstorming through to a completed ‘product.’ The use of simple digital story telling techniques can readily show that learning journey. This does not require complex equipment.

It is evident the use of available technologies within the regular class programme can do much to engage students in their learning. It can clearly support the development of ‘confident, connected, actively involved life-long learners.’

Feel free to download any of the papers on this site if they are helpful. I look forward to catching up again some time in the future.

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